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What is the reason behind My Cat Always Hungry?

As we know, every living organism needs food for normal life activities and functions. So healthy food is part of life. A human can choose the food according to taste, mood, and season but this is not true for animals, especially those who are pets, as they are trained to be limited to eating what their owner is providing. Indoor animals are bound in choices while outdoors can eat anything anytime. So if you think that indoor pets are poor, then you are wrong. They are given food in a proper ratio that is good for their health and normal lifestyle, but issues always exist. So this article will discuss the cat diet and excessive eating demands if you are worried and want to know if there is something serious if your cat is always hungry.

Cat Diet

The most beautiful animal to keep as a pet, the furry friend, and the most sincere to their owner. Thus pets are easy to keep, maintain and groom. They can eat multiple things that humans eat, but some cats love to eat a special diet such as kibble. Also, some breeds want to eat wet food, and some dry.

Cats can easily digest wheat, bread, rice, and cheese, but sometimes cats refuse to eat, and sometimes they feel hungry even after eating a portion of wholesome food.

So this is a time to heed attention and visit a veterinarian.

Cat Behavior On a Meal Time

If your cat refuses to eat or demands more than waiting for the two or three meal times, maybe it’s temporary behavior. If this behavior is continuous, then the visit is a must, but if after missing one food shot, your cat is ok and showing a habitual behavior and attraction towards the meal, then there is no need to visit. Cats have a clock inside that makes them hungry after a specific slot of time. And they cuddle with their owner for food. Some cats eat four food shots, while some take more or less. This all depends on the breeds and individual cat nature and habits. But if your cat is hungry and always hungry, then find out the reasons behind this behavior.

The Reasons Behind Why Are My Cat Always Hungry?

Cats showing this behavior continuously, then there can be many reasons. It’s your duty as a pet parent either to find out the reason or go to the veterinarian. But keep in mind you can only find the little issues while this behavior can be a reason for some large issues. So if you can visit a veterinarian immediately, then go for this option.

Let’s discuss the reasons one by one.

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One of the basic reasons for cat hunger is intestinal parasitism. The disease is which some other creatures such as worms and parasites use the cat’s feed, and there is very little food left for the cat’s healthy lifestyle. That’s why cats feel hungry all the time and demands more food. Such cats look skinny and weak, and this can be checked by noticing and observing their litter. If something is moving in their litter, then visit the veterinarian and deworm your cat with medication. This problem occurs if the cat licks their liter or soil, and in that case, there can be a swelling on the cat’s body.

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This is one of the serious reasons that are difficult to find. It is found rarely in some cats, but yes, it exists. Some tissue of the cat’s body starts to rupturing and spreads. That’s why they demand more food and feel like they are hungry all the time, but actually, all the energy is wasted in tissue restrung, so cats become weak day by day and feel tired. If you observe such changes, visit your veterinarian and start chemotherapy for the healthy lifestyle of cats.

Bowl Problem

This problem relates to the intestines. The intestine is the part that stores the food till the next mealtime. So in this problem, the lust for food can be increased and decreased. If there is swelling in some intestines, it will cause more hunger and more lust for food as cats cannot absorb enough food from the intestinal tract.

Another reason is that cats cannot absorb enough food, so they cannot store and excrete the nutrients in the stool. That will be another reason for hunger. A veterinarian can analyze this reason as there is required an x-ray image scan, a blood test to check the value of the B12 component. Veterinarians will suggest changing your feeding habits or using antibiotics, probiotics, and some other medications like steroids.


It is a disease related to the thyroid gland, in which a benign tumor is produced in the thyroid area that leads to the disturbance of thyroid hormone. This hormonal disturbance causes different symptoms out of one is to feel hungry all the time. Due to this tumor, cats lose weight while eating excessive feed. So it is easy to recognize if your cat is hungry and skinny, then he has a problem with thyroid glands. A proper checkup and medication can recover the symptoms. If hypothyroidism is at an early stage, then medicine daily is enough; otherwise, the veterinarian recommended some x-rays and iodine treatment.


This disease is related to pancreatic tissues in which the cat’s body does not work and convert the food into sugar that is non-digestive, so they are unable to uptake the energy from the food and feel hungry and demands more. So it leads to diabetes. If this disease is left untreated, then it can cause some serious issues that lead to death. The main symptoms that will tell about diabetes are frequent urination and increased thirst.


Another very common reason is psychological change. As in humans, when a person is depressed and worried, his body consumes more energy, so the same is the case with cats. If a cat spends more time in her area and you’re a busy pet parent, then this hunger will be common in your cat as cats will feel lonely, bored, and go into depression; that’s why they will demand more food. To make up for this problem, there is a simple solution: give time to your furry friend, play with them and cuddle them. It will bring a positive change in their normal and feeding behavior. You can also send your cats to some rehabilitation center or adopt a pair of cats.

Pancreatic Disease

This disease is related to the gastrointestinal tract where digestion does not occur and results in diarrhea and vomiting, weight loss, and an unkempt hair coat. This occurs when the pancreas does not release enough digestive enzymes. A blood test can check the real issue and the hype of disease after visiting the veterinarian. Supplements will be suggested that produce enzymes and make a food cycle normal.


If your cat has an age of 13 or more, they will be hungry all the time as their organs do not produce enough digestive enzymes and need more food for energy. According to professionals and veterinarians, fats are required in double amounts as compared to carbohydrates and proteins. And fats also give double the amount of energy as carbohydrates and proteins. So this reason can exist in older cats while in Young cats focus on the other mentioned reasons.

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Low Quality Of Food

Cat food itself can be a reason for hunger. If there is not enough food available or the available food is of poor quality, it does not have a proper amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Therefore, it will not fulfill the need of cats and does not give cats energy, and cats demand more food. The signs of malnutrition are weight loss and poor haircoat. So if you observe these signs, then check the feed that you are giving to your feline and make it better for the normal life of cats.


Cats’ health is important for a happy life. So their diet should be proper. If you feel any symptoms or feels like your cat always hungry, then visit a veterinarian, go for a test and proper checkups to point out the issue. Then, ensure you give the nutrient to your feline friend for their active lifestyle.


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