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Top Ten Dog Breeds that Look Like Wolves

If you are an animal lover, this article is for you. Two types of animals are present as categorized as domestic and non-domestic. A person who spends a lot of time in animal company knows the charm and grace of wolves among non-domestic animals. A person who loves wolves and wants to keep them at home but cannot. Then he can keep a dog that looks like wolves as a pet.

As we know, wolves are happier and graceful animals that behave gently, so it is a treat for animal lovers to have two pet companies in one pet. We always packed wolves in majestic and bedtime stories.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten dog breeds that look like wolves.

Siberian Husky

This breed of the dog reminds us of Wolf by their physique and body shape. A compact body, uplifted ears, and sunning eyes look like a non-domestic animal that is a wolf.

But Siberian Husky dogs are lively and active. So it is easy to make this breed friendly.

This dog breed is one of the reliable breeds with an athletic nature and loves to play, have fun, and work.

If you have loads of work to keep this dog as a pet, you will feel relaxed by giving them responsibility. Also, plan some play activities, exercise time, and fun games to keep Siberian Husky happy and healthy.

Alaskan malamute

The next one on the list is Alaskan malamute, a strong-headed dog that looks like a wolf. It is bigger and fluffy than husky but as gentle as husky. Alaskan want a company of humans, but they are alone. They love to jump, exercise, and run around the home. So they have an excellent option to explore and spend their energy through different activities.

Their fluffy body is always ready to shed furs, but they are so lovely that you will love to do some extra work for your Alaskan pet. They can do hard work and can pull heavyweight as they have strong muscles. This high-energy Alaskan is a beautiful dog breed to keep at home.

German shepherd

One of the most intelligent and intelligent dog breeds is a german shepherd. They are mischievous and high-energy dog breeds. They love to work and do a job happily.

You assign any job to this dog breed that looks like a wolf. They can do this happily with immense talent.

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This dog breed looks like a dog but behaves like a cannon friend. These are playful and love to live in the company of humans, especially to children that are old age. They want attention and activities to spend some good time as these are necessary to keep them active and happy. So do plan some activities and challenges for them before keeping this lovely domestic animal that looks like a non-domestic animal like a wolf.

A selective focus shot of an adorable german shepherd outdoors during daylight

Swedish Vallhund

This dog breed looks like a wolf by face but not from the size. Vallhund is attractive and gentle in their personality. Their basic task is herding, so they are the best dog to keep as a pet if you want someone to share your workload.

They are smart enough that they can reach the door before the doorbell ends. Active, fresh, and large vocal dogs can keep the whole house active and alive. To be the owner of such a wolf-like dog, there is a need to be active and enthusiastic.

They are playful and love to do exercise and run around the house. Vallhund is a game master and can do a variety of mimics to bring a smile to your face.


If you want to take the joy of a wolf in color, then samoyed dogs are your best partner. Their white and thick coat of fur requires extra grooming.

They are so friendly as they can adjust with everyone from house members to strangers not to be kept as a guard dog.

There is a need for hard training with a gentle hand to polish the qualities of the Saymond.

Their smile is enough to melt your heart.


This dog breed that looks like a wolf is a graceful and gentle dog. Their significant features and attributes are like huskies. As they look, their drive, love for running, and stamina. Besides looking there, some properties are also like wolves as assertive and independent nature.

They are friendly sometimes but love to live alone.

Courtesy: https://www.101dogbreeds.com/kugsha-dog.asp

Saarloos wolfdog

This wolf-like dog is so good in looks and attractive. Their habits are also intriguing; due to this, they are the best pet to keep home. Their lovely nature makes them famous among children. They are energetic and active, so they love to play, hike and run to extract their energy.

They love to live in a human company; they become sad if they are alone. They love those families who are hyper, active and energetic.

Their shapes are so similar to wolves that it is difficult to differentiate them.


These breeds are also called northern Inuit dogs that are produced by breeding different domestic dogs. This breed is closely related to wolves.

They are an intermediate mixture of Alaskan malamute, German shepherd, and Siberian husky.

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They are active and well-mannered gentle dogs. They love to work like huskies and play energetically.

They are not so common but found in a minimum number, so it is difficult to explain their detailed features and attributes.

Courtesy: https://petkeen.com/utonagan/


The next dog in the list of dog breeds that look like wolves is Tamaskan. They are produced by crossing different breeds, and according to researchers, their trees ultimately end with the wolves.

They are found in the same colors as wolves as grey and white. They are energetic and well trained, so it is easy to keep them at home. They can handle high-energy pooches, and kids love to play with them.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

The last dog in this list of dog breeds that look like wolves is the Czechoslovakian dog that is very helpful as they are intelligent and obedient. They can work well in herding, searching, rescuing, and tracking.

They are energetic and loved to play with their owner to manage their energy. They are happy and lively dogs that love to do work and responsibilities.


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