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Top 8 White Cat Breeds With Gorgeous Coats

White cat breeds are one of the most attractive as it shows purity and cleanliness, so it will be a treat to adopt a cat or kitten with a white coat for a pet lover. White color cats are not common as there are some genetic issues related to these white color genes.

Cats often have white spots on the neck and foot or any part of the body, but it is rare to find a white color cat. Don’t worry; white cats are rare but exist as in some cats, the W genes dominate and hide all other genes due to which white coat color comes in these cats.

A Lot of myths exist about white cats as they are considered lucky, and some people think white cats bring wealth with them, so they prefer them as a pet.

There is a lot of research about white cats, eyes, color, nature, and agile nature. According to scientists, cats mostly have a blue eye that makes them attractive, but all white cats are not albino. These are the genetic disorders; as you can say, all the beauty of white cats is the cause of the genetic disorders.

Let’s discuss white cat breeds: their deafness and white cats are deaf, now; if you are worried that they cannot follow you, don’t worry; they have all other senses strong and can be kept as a good pet. There are many breeds of white cats, but in this article, we will discuss the top 8 white cat breeds with gorgeous coats.

How to Keep the cat happy in House?

Persian Cats

The beautiful white cat with a thick hair coat is the new addition to the family. This is a quiet and peaceful family member who also wants personal space for rest and relaxation. Persian cats love to live lonely and want attention only from their owners. These cats are easy to keep and train as they are intelligent and decent. Their long coat needs a groom, and the white color also demands daily cleaning. Daily brushing of long coats helps to keep hair tangle-free and bathing to remove any spotting in white fur.

Persian Cat animalsgenera
Persian Cat

Scottish Fold Cats

Why is there a word fold in the name of these cats? So it’s not just a name; it’s a hidden message that there is a genetic default due to which these cats have a folded ear. The genetic makeup does not allow them to have cartilage in the ear. Otherwise, these are cute and less maintained cats. These cats are lovely and affectionate. They don’t have any issue either living with the family at home alone. These are calm and quiet cats. They are calm enough that sometimes they give the indication of a teddy bear.

Scottish Fold Cats Animalsgenera 
Picture by : Pixabay
Scottish Fold Cats | Courtesy: Pixabay

American Curl

The most interesting modern-day breed of cats with white fur has another distinctive feature that is long ears. They are active, agile, and decent as well. This intelligent breed behaves according to its mood and the mood of its owner. These American curls have a white coat that demands grooming and care. They are neither talkative nor shy. They stare towards their owner and notice the Expression and wait for the gesture to come. Once they receive the gesture, they are lovely cats and demand affection. They are good in all games, either indoor or outdoor.

American Curl animals genera
American Curl

Himalayan Cat

These are the cutest cats, especially in white colors. Himalayan cats are found in other colors also, but they look adorable in white color with blue eyes. This white blue makes them worth demanding cats. They are not hyper but happy cats. They enjoy games, especially brain teasers such as puzzles and hide and seek. These fluffy pets are calm and do not give much response when meeting a stranger. Their too much calming nature towards everyone provides the indication of deafness. They sense things through expressions and gestures and follow them. They love to play with kids.

Himalayan Cat animalsgenera
Himalayan Cat


As a pet lover, you will be surprised to know that ragdolls are also found in white colors. They have brown eyes and little pointed faces that give them an incredible and attractive look. These are the cutest cats that are easy to keep. They demand grooming from a white coat but not as much as other cats. Their coat is smooth and easy to manage. They are active and can jump quickly from a long distance.

Ragdoll animalsgenera

Top 10 Cat Breeds with Beautiful Coats

British Shorthair

Their chunky body and short head give the feeling of offended and alone cats. But it’s not true; their look does not relate with their personality as they are lovely cats and best to keep as a pet. These cats love to live with a family and gain attention. They cuddle with their owner and demand love and attention. Their short hair also gives the benefit as there is no need for grooming daily, such as brushing and washing.

British Shorthair animalsgenera
British Shorthair

British Longhair

These white companion cats have long, thick hair, and this thick hair coat makes them wonderful and beautiful. Pet lovers want to keep these cats as they are affectionate and loving. They want to spend all the time with their human companions, and they become offended if they leave them alone in a house. Their long, thick, and white color hair coat needs grooming, such as brushing and washing. Brushing must be done on a daily basis; otherwise, the beauty of their coat will diminish, and they lose their attraction and bathing once in a week to keep the color white of their coat.

British Longhair animalsgenera
British Longhair

Maine Coon

One of the attention seekers and attention-demanding cats who are lovely and active. Maine coon is rare in white color but available. These cats love to play with the kids and enjoy all games, either puzzle or fetching. These friendly cats are known as excellent family cats and best to keep as a pet because they have a good nature and become frank quickly. But remember one thing before taking Maine coons home, do you have enough time for daily grooming. Their long and thick furs need grooming to remain tangle-free and clean; otherwise, there are chances of fungal attacks and mites.

Maine Coon animalsgenera
Maine Coon


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