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Top 10 laziest animals in the world

Are you a passive person and want to spend a lot of time sleeping and resting? But not possible due to the hectic routine and movement for bread and butter. Then we will discuss your favorite laziest animals that can sleep for hours, months, and years. They do nothing, just rest and eat. This is the ideal life for someone, but the world calls them lazy. So this article will cover the good and bad of the top 10 most lethargic animals in the world.

Indeed everyone is beneficial to nature no matter if they are lazy or active, so there will be so many benefits for these animals even in their sleeping state. Let’s jump towards the list of most lethargic animals or laziest animals with further ado.

Giant panda

This cute black and white animal has a beautiful routine that is to sleep and eat. Giant pandas can sleep for 10 hours continuously, and they mostly sleep three times a day. There is no need for a home for sleeping. They can take a nap anywhere anytime; otherwise, you will find them eating a lot.

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They are known as bumping and sluggish animals. Giant pandas’ main feature is their digestive system as they have a digestive system of carnivorous but heating habits of herbivores, so there is no difficulty in food digestion. They are even lazy in capacitive and mating processes. In this manner, male pandas are a little more active than females.

Giant panda- Animalsgenera
Giant panda-


Cuckoo belongs to birds and is lazy. You can understand their laziness that they lay their eggs in the nest of other animals to save themselves from taking care of babies and eggs. They are even not willing to fulfill the responsibilities of parenthood; this tactic is called brood parasitism.

Cuckoo bird animalsgenera
Cuckoo bird


This animal is considered a lazy animal as he spends 18 hours of a day sleeping. These are slow-moving animals. They only feed once a week and take time to digest. They are inactive in every aspect of life. Even for the preparation of the shedding process, there is a need to sleep almost a week to pythons. This type of snake even tires during food digestion, although those animals that belong to reptiles give a fierce look.

Python snake animalsgenera


Opposite to their mighty bodies and fierce look, hippos are inactive and lazy animals as they spend 16 to 20 hours of the day sleeping. They are herbivores and spend 4 to 6 hours grazing the grass continuously. They sleep in a group. They can sleep on land and underwater. On the ground, you can see them sleeping in the sun while underwater they came out for the sake of air but in an unconscious state. They eat more and move less; that’s why they are heavy.

Hippopotamus animalsgenera


You will be amazed to see this animal’s name in this list of lazy animals, but it is true when cats are alive, they play and move around while spending most of their time of day sleeping. This feline creature eats, plays and mates as you can see them doing all these things, but they want to sleep more. One specific feature of the cats is they do not sleep anywhere, but they love to sleep in the most peaceful, the palace in the house or her territory.

According to researchers, cats have this feature in genes.


These are the champions in sleeping as they can sleep 18 to 20 hours in a day. Opossums are nocturnal; they move very lazily and settle in the environment where food, shelter is present, and live there and sleep there. They only move or change their space when necessary. It can be said for opossums that every day is a lazy day.

Owl monkey

An actual nocturnal animal is next on our laziest animal list is the owl monkey. They sleep 17 hours a day and wake up at night. They even eat and mate in the night. In the owl monkey family, dads are mostly caregivers.

Owl monkey animalsgenera
Owl monkey


When you hear the word lion, then there comes a might, cruel and frightful picture in your mind. But there is an interesting fact about the king and queen of the jungle that they are lazy and spend most of the time sleeping as a lion can take an average sleep of 18 to 20 hours. As they live in a hot environment, they spend most of the time in the shade sleeping.

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One more interesting fact about this animal is that a female sleeps mostly for 24 hours to collect the energy to attack as a female does hunting while a male eats. They need a high amount of power for tracking as they attack large animals such as zebras, deer, and many others. So they sleep before hunting and prepare themselves. Due to this sleeping reason, they are listed among the world’s laziest animals. Still, if they are awake, they are active and agile to attack anytime on any animal, including humans.

Lion animalsgenera


The next animal on the list of laziest animals in the world is a sloth. These are the number 1 I the list as they sleep more but are also lethargic when awake. Sloth sleeps for 20 hours a day and always stays hanging with the plants and trees. They do everything in trees, such as feeding, sleeping, and giving birth. If they awake, then they move so slowly that you can call them molasses. Sloths that have two-toed or legs move better than three-toed ones. So they are famous lazy basically due to their slow locomotory habit.

Sloth animalsgenera


One of the champions in laziness is the koala that spends almost its whole life sleeping. Koala sleeps 22 hours a day. They live on the trees and awake only for 2 to 4 hours a day. In waking hours, they eat food. According to researchers, their food is responsible for their eating habits as they eat eucalyptus that contains toxins and is high in fiber, so there is a high amount of energy to digest the food.

Koala animalsgenera


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