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How to teach a dog to high five – 5 step

Playing is one of the most favorite activities of kids and pets. Newborn pets behave like kids so If you want to play with your dog then show him some attention and give him some quality time. Due to attention, your dog will start learning and following your commands. It will be fun as well as impressive when your dog displays some tricks in front of guests, and they will be surprised to see the bonding of yours with your pet.

The most fun-loving and easy to learn trick with a pet, especially a dog, is a high five. High five displays the emotions of friendship, joy, and excitement. Learning and intelligence also vary from breed to breed. Some dogs are intelligent enough that they can recognize the words and some alphabets. And some are lazy and dumb as they only keep at home for housekeeping.

Dogs who live with kids are fun-loving and intelligent dogs as they love to learn and display as kids do. They play games together and enjoy themselves a lot. Such breeds are suitable to practice any trick, such as high five.

Following tips and methods are used to teach a dog to high five in 5 steps.

So let’s discuss them step by step.

Step one

Peaceful setting and quiet space

One of the most important tips to learn and teach a dog to high five is focus and attention. To fulfill this, Find out the quiet and Separate space where your dog just listens to you. Remember one thing there should be no toys and treats in that room; otherwise, your dog will receive distraction, and he will not listen to you properly. Behave patiently and make him practice again about the sitting procedure. Sitting is important for focus, attention, learning, and listening.

Step two

Offering a treat

Once your dog sits, and then introduce him to a treat. Hide the treat in your hand and move your hand right and left by uplifting in the air. In this effort, the dog will uplift his paws and try to reach the treat. Once the dog uplifts his paws, give a clap or say good loudly to appreciate this effort.

This will give the message that uplifting paws and legs is a nice gesture, and you are looking at it. So every time you offer a treat and move it in the right or left direction, the dog will do the same to take praise from you. Repeat This step until your dog understands.

Step three

Catch the treat

This time you can change the strategy a little bit. By uplifting your hand, say a word catch to your dog and throw the treat away. In catching the treat, the dog will jump and touch your hand that is open and yell loudly yes. You are done, bravo.

Also, say high five loudly. This will give a positive message to your dog that you are happy when he is touching your empty hand and then put the treat in the dog’s mouth.

What a wonderful moment it will be for your dog after receiving praise and treats as well.

Step four

Open hand touching

Now hide the treat somewhere else and open your empty hand. It’s time to encourage your dog to touch your palm with his paws. When a dog touches your empty, open plan with your palm, say a good and well done loudly, and say high five.

Now it is a time to practice this activity and praise your dog

Every time open your hand and tell your dog to touch your hand with its paw. If it implements, then say yes if not, say no politely.

As the dog becomes irritated easily so deal with patience

Step five

Speak directly

It’s time to come on to the point and say loudly high five and open your hand. Your dog will uplift the front legs and touch your hands. Say yes and celebrate it. Now you are ok to display this trick to your friends and family. After this, your dog is ready to observe any trick show as there is a lesson of learning and followed by your dog. So you can take your dog to any dog trick show.

Some tips for displaying a trick such as high five with your dog

Exercise first

Focus on this, and if your dog is clumsy or in a mood for sleep, then this trick is not possible. For this, there needs to be learning and attentive behavior.

So if your dog is sluggish at the moment, then exercise is important to keep the dog active.

Exercise will keep the blood moving and in high flow. Due to this, the learning behavior of dogs becomes fast and active. So first do exercise and then practice this trick.

No more than 15 minutes

If your dog is not adapting this trick, then leave it after 15 minutes. Then do try another time in a day after the break as dogs don’t have the stamina to be consistent for more than 15 minutes.


This is the key feature from your side. Everything takes time, so be patient in practicing any trick to your dog. If you have irritating nature, then let this do to anyone else.

Don’t hesitate to display

Be confident if your dog is doing a high five with you, then he can do with anyone. So allow him to display high five with others as with your friend and family member to practice it and to boost the confidence level.

You can also watch a video for how to teach a dog to high five!

Final verdict

Nothing is impossible in this world. Learning is a natural phenomenon, but it varies from humans to animals. No doubt some learning processes need and demand time, but ultimately they execute. Good luck to you if you want to practice this trick on your dog.

Follow all the steps to teach a dog to high five and tell us in the comments how it works and helps.

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