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How to Train a Kitten to Stop Attacking and play gently?

Why Kitten attacks me? This is the condition you should consider seriously. Cats are beautiful creatures and harmless, but some things are present in their nature, and the instinct is to bite and gnaw on their predators. But an indoor cat starts biting their owners or attacking the babies if present at home, then there is a need to learn How to train a kitten to stop attacking you and play gently.

The very first school for indoor kittens is their owner, and kittens behave the same as humans deal with them. They can plug their nature of calmness and aggressiveness through training and dealings. But cats are the natural predators, so whenever they see birds or other small creatures, they jump toward, catch them, bite them and pouch on them.

This does not matter how much you love your cat, he or she can bite you occasionally, so this can be due to any disturbance in behavior and mood. Sometimes catnip on you for your attention but in any way, biting hurts and transfers different germs and bacteria to the human body that are harmful, so there is a need to stop a biting cat by following these tips.

Find out the reason for the attack

The very first thing is to know why cats attacks me?. Is there any behavioral changes or a bad habit

Some cats nib slightly for affection and others show their anger and aggression if you deal with your cat with hard hands. Sometimes cats do not like that someone comes to their territory, so this can be the reason for biting. Another reason for kitten attacks orbiting is teething.

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kitten attacks

Use toys to play, not your hands

You can use toys to distract your kitten. Give them rubber or stuff toys that can fulfill their predatory instinct. You can give them pole-type toys that dangle, and they can be bought or homemade. It will keep the distance between you and the cat and saves you from her attack.

If your cat likes wrestling, then give her stuffed animal toys. Select a stuffed toy according to the size. If you buy a parrot or mouse, your cat will be happy, but if you buy a lion, your cat will hide somewhere and become more aggressive. Stuffed animal toys are also used to redirect the cat by its gentle rubbing on its belly.

To save yourself, especially your hands and ankles, you can also throw the toy away from you. This will also fulfill her instinct of chase and pounce.

Ignore the biting cat

If you are playing with your cat and suddenly she starts to play rough. Stop playing on the spot and leave that space without paying any attention. You can shut the cat’s room door and enclose yourself in the room where your cat can’t reach.

This will give him a lesson that she is doing wrong and his owner is angry with him.

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This will give him a message not to play rough next time. Never try to pick him up or be enclosed in another room, your touch can give him a wrong message, and the wrong message should not be delivered on rough play in any way.

Never beat or yell at your cat if she attacks you. Yelling behavior can cause stress to your cat. As a result, she will become a fearful cat. This will increase your problems as she will start urinating outside the litter box or show aggressive behavior.

Reward on good behavior

Sometimes catnip or pounce to attain your attention. If you’re doing some other tasks and the cat attacks you, then firmly say no and throw a toy away from you. If the cat runs towards that toy and brings her back, give a loud clap to appreciate her.

It is also in cat nature if you appreciate them, they will repeat that behavior to get a reward and love. You can understand the snuggling and rubbing of a cat by rewarding him. This will give a strong positive message that rewards interact with positive behavior.

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cat eating

Spent more time with your cat

Play with your cat when she is in a playful mood. Start from a little span of time and increase it day by day. This will stop your cat from biting you and attacking you. Please give him new things to explore daily.

Puzzle toys are an excellent option to keep him busy and mentally stimulated. Increase his environmental stimulation by changing the old things with new ones. Give him something that keeps him busy as climbing and searching. Give an instant break from the playtime if the cat bites you. This will deliver a strong message that biting will stop fun and playtime.

Build his trust

You can stop your cat from attacking and biting by building trust. A gentle holding and a soft rubbing of your hands on the oat of a cat can build your trust, and he or she will not bite or attack you.

Some cats bite in a defensive mood, so your love and trust can change this habit and make them good behaved cats.

You can build your trust by playing with a cat to release its energy, and a tired cat is a happy cat.

Due to playing and loss of energy, cats excrete so many hyper hormones.

A play and walk time will help make you good companions, so this will stop their attacking behavior.

Place a deterrent device

Suppose you find out the areas where you can attack mostly by hiding yourself. Then, make those undesirable areas by keeping some deterrent devices like an upside-down mousetrap and motion-activated devices. The mousetrap will create a big noise that will detract the cat by flipping the upper side of the mousetrap and motion-activated devices leaving an air-compressed spray. These devices will not cause any injury to cats but startle her.


Although biting is the instinct of cats, it can be snubbed by adopting the article’s behaviors. I hope these will be helpful to train or stop kitten attacks. If it happens, let us know in the comments.


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