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How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable in Summer

Summer is the extreme weather in some countries. It can be unsafe and dangerous for humans, especially for pets, as pets cannot take precautionary measures and don’t have enough sweat glands to reprise the hot particles out of the body. They have sweat glands on the paws and noses. And the other way to dissipate the heating is panting. Another critical factor is the fur on the bodies of pets that keep them warm, and they cannot bear the hot season, so there should be some measurements if you are looking for the answer to the question is How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable in Summer. Let’s move towards some necessary steps to adopt by a pet owner in the summer season to keep their pet happy, fresh, and alive.

Provide plenty of water to drink and play

Water is one of the significant contributors to keep a pet cool during summer. Make sure when you are out for a walk or play, keep a water bowl with you and offer water to your pet after every 20 minutes to keep him calm. Plenty of water at one time is not good for a dog, gives water in a suitable amount that is 7 to 8 ounces at a time as it is easy to absorb and digest.

Water games are another way to keep pets happy and alive in the summer season. Please give them a water pool to play in or sprinkle water on the grass to keep their paws cool while playing. Fetching game in a pool is the best game to play with your fido friend in summer.

dog in water, animalsgenera
dog in water

Never leave your pet in a parked car

If you are thinking of taking your fido friend with you for an outing, then keep one thing in mind that never leave him in a car, even just for a few minutes. Even if your vehicle has a down window, it is dangerous for the dog’s health. If the outside temperature is 85 F, then within ten minutes, it will rise to 102 F inside the car, and 120 F after 20 minutes is life-threatening. Even during a drive, keep your air conditioner or car open and have an eye on your pet. If you observe your pet is panting, then stop the car, take him to any shadow place, and offer water. But it is better no to take your pet with you in a car in the summer season.

dog in car animalsgenera
dog in car

Provide them shady places to live except pet house

Pet houses are congested and airtight as there is very little airflow, so it is better to provide shady places for your pet. In shady areas, the airflow is good and keeps your pet cool. Trees are the best thing for dogs and pets to live as their roots are damped and moist. Kiddie pools are also the best option to keep your pet cool in the summer season.

Plan a walk

If your pet loves to go for a walk, then make a plan in the evening, night, or early morning. Never leave home for a walk in the middle of the day as there is scorching heat outside, and your pet will feel hot. One more thing is to keep water with you and offer your pet after 15 to 20 minutes. Also, check the pavement temperature before starting the walk; otherwise, put some wax in the paw of pets to save them from heat.

walk with dog
walk with dog

Discover new games

Every season demands a different activity, so in the same way, there is a need to discover new games for your pet according to his age. According to the summer season, sprinkle guns, pool parties, frisbee in a lake or pool are the best outdoor games to play. Puzzle and hide and seek are good options in the summer season as an indoor game.

Apply Sun cream

Sun creams are the parts of pet care in summer. Pets, especially dogs who have a light color and thin cover of hair on their body, are at risk of sunburn like a human. Sun rays, like UV rays, can cause damage to pets, so the best solution is to apply sun cream to the pet to save them from the harmful radiation from the sun. You can also ask to vet about the sun cream and its application process. Sun creams are available at any pet shop.

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Remember about grooming

Grooming is one of the best things to do to keep your pet cool in the summer season. Bathing and brushing will keep your pet fresh and happy as water will take away all the high-energy molecules as kinetic energy molecules. The remaining low-energy molecule will be in a body that will give your pets a cool feeling.

Keep your house cool

Cool houses are the perfect place to keep any pet in the summer season. An AC in a house and shelter in the garden makes it suitable for the dog’s indoor and outdoor games and activities. Keep a mat that will give a cool feeling to your dog’s paw. Windows and trees will also help make your house cool and suitable for pets to live in during the summer season.

Offer a portion of food that keeps them cool inside

Pets have a high respiratory and digestive system, so they are hot basically, so there is a need to calm them by providing food that has a cool nature, such as popsicles and ice cubes of different food. You can also offer a freeze kibble and chicken to refresh your dog and cats. All the food can be given by mixing with cold water to keep them internally cool in the summer season.

Keep a check and notice the sign of heatstroke

You should be diligent while having a pets in summer at home, as there are a lot of chances of heatstroke. If you feel any unusual change in the health and feeding habit of your dog, then note down the following symptoms as

  • Excessive salivation
  • Heavy panting
  • A rapid pulse
  • Glazed eyes
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Lack of coordination
  • If you observe any of these symptoms, immediately contact a veterinary doctor and follow all the pet’s health and comfort instructions.


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