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Building a dog house yourself – an easy guide

Your dog is your best friend. After a hectic day when you arrive at home, there you find your furry friend running towards you. Yes! This gesture makes life simpler and happier. Your dog’s duty is done; he made you happy now it is your turn. Let’s look at the benefits of building a dog house yourself and how it can cut the cost as well as make your furry friend happy.

Outdoor dog houses:

An outdoor pet house comes with many benefits. It gives your dog its own space as well as a place to put food, water, and toys around so your pet doesn’t feel bored. Your dog can play freely.

Indoor dog houses:

These are best for possessive pet owners who don’t want their dogs off-site. Mostly, indoor dog houses require a specially designated place.


Building a dog house will ensure that your pet has its personal space. It is safe since you can keep an eye on it, like, place it on a secure surface and use a wireless dog collar to keep an eye on your pet.


No doubt you love your dog but you definitely hate fur. As per research, 8 out of 10 dog owners in the USA are annoyed by fur shedding. A dog house will ensure this won’t happen. As your dog gets its own place, you won’t spot any fur on the sofa, bed, or pillows. Moreover, it makes cleaning easy.

Enough Room:

Dog kennels provide enough room for pets to sit or lie down. Obviously, it depends on the size you are going to build.

No leash:

The basic purpose of a dog house is to keep a pet without any leash around the neck. If you train your dog properly, a kennel is a convenience.

House training:

If you are a new dog owner then it’s a wiser option to get a dog house. It is easy for training and keeps your dog inside most of the time.

5 things to consider while constructing a doghouse at home

  1. Choose a design: Always select a design before building a dog house. Whether you need an outdoor kennel or an indoor kennel, design matters a lot.
  2. Obtain the material: Try to use quality material. Obviously, dog houses would take time and effort to build it with precision and good quality wood or fabric.
  3. Use water resistant material: Most of the time, if you don’t use high quality wood it gets swollen up due to humidity or rain. So always select water resistant wood for your outdoor dog house.
  4. Use metal roofing: Investing in metal for roofing is always a good idea. Your dog will be safer inside a firm structure.
  5. Pre-construct everything: Try to build roof walls and door separately and then bound them together with nails. It will not only save your time but also give a fine finishing.

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How to build a dog house – DIY

Like you, your dog also wants a home that he/she is proud of. You can make your best friend happy by giving them a home they can be proud of.

Many people like to build a dog house that resembles their own home.

A dog house is a safe place where your dog remains protected from the weather. Building a dog house is not even that hard if you are planning to build one yourself All you need are a couple of supplies and a method that can be followed even by someone who hasn’t built anything before

Before you start building the dog house, the most important first step is planning. You can easily build a good-looking and safe dog house without making it a complicated project. Some points to keep in consideration before starting the build are as follows:

  • The most important part of a dog house is its floor. Your dog should have sufficient space which should be higher than the ground so that your dog remains protected from water from rain and cold ground in the winter.
  • Try to keep it simple. For exterior use plywood panels which are treated with nontoxic preservatives like linseed oil.
  • Make sure that your dog has sufficient space inside the dog house. Take measurements into account very seriously.

Now, after planning, you can start building your dog house by following these easy and simple steps.

Step 1:

Cut out the panels of the dog house. Creating an illustration of the dog house will help you a lot. You can make it yourself or have someone with some knowledge make it for you. Try to make the floor of the dog house double the thickness to add rigidity.

Step 2:

Now that you have the illustration in front of you and you have cut out the panels according to the desired dimensions, you can start making the foundation of the dog house by making the foundation. You can do this by laying the base of the structure.

Step 3:

Nail in the sidewalls on top of the base of the dog house.

Step 4:

Now, attach the back and the front walls.

Step 5:

Now, as per your illustration of the dog house, you may have to cut the sides to make room for the roof.

Always remember, the basic designs are the best choice. You don’t have to make a project overly complicated to make it look good, go with the neat, clean, and simple design.

After you have built your dog a house:

  • Make sure that fresh water is always available for your best furry friend. There are many cool ways you can do this. You can either add a fountain or a splash pad or any other option of your liking.
  • Add an awning to protect your pet from the sun.
  • Consider creating a mini dog park, this is very useful if you have multiple dogs; they can have a great time playing there and get rid of some energy along the way.


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