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9 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Bite Humans

Pet lovers know that there are always chances of mishaps and unusual things such as dog bites. Dogs are loyal and friendly animals. They are the best companion of humans, but they can also bite. If you are thinking of finding out the particular breed of dog with a habit of biting, it is impossible as every dog can bite in different cases and for various reasons.

What Are The Reasons A Dog Bite Humans

Dogs bite with or without any reason, such as

  • If they feel any threat
  • For the sake of the safety of food
  • For the safety of their living place
  • They also bite to save their owner and owner’s property
  • Mother dog bites to keep his puppies
  • They also bite if they feel irritated
  • Dog bite in response to provoking
  • They also bite to show aggression and show dominance

What To Do If Dog Bites?

There are a few tips that need to adopt if dog bites

  • Wash the wound with soap and warm water
  • Do the pressing on the damage with a clean piece of cloth to stop the bleeding
  • Apply any antibacterial ointment on the wound
  • Cover with the sterile bandage
  • Notice the signs of infection

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If a deep wound occurs due to biting, visit a doctor and get a jab of dog bites for proper health and safety.

This article will discuss the types of dog breeds that are most likely to bite humans.

Pit Bull

All other dogs this breed is also affectionate and loving. But they are also famous for fighting purposes and the safety of home, so it is in their training or instinct to bark and bite when they feel any danger. Due to this reason, they are counted as dog breeds that cause the bite to humans. Most of the time, they bite when they feel any threat or danger.

Pit Bull- Animals genera
Pit Bull

Pit Bull Mixes

This breed is the version of pit bulls, and they are as aggressive as pit bulls. This breed can be kept as safety and watchdog as they are loyal and attack in terms of biting if they feel any danger. Their bite is strong, and they cause a severe wound that needs proper treatment and check-up. They are also famous for keeping as a pet on the farms for the safety of animals.

Wolf Hybrids

This breed is very similar to wolves in looks but with dogs in features. They are loyal and easy to keep dogs. They are very active and affectionate towards their owner. If there is any danger or threat, they start barking, and in the last action, they bite. They have strong jaws, so they bite very profoundly.

They are playful and active as they enjoy the company of kids and humans of all ages.

Wolf Hybrids- AnimalsGenera
Czechoslovakian wolfdog or wolf-dog, a hybrid between a German Shepherd dog and Carpathian wolf bred by the military, sitting looking alertly to the side over white


It is common for Akitas to bite and nip. Sometimes they bite in response to teething at a younger age. Their teeth are sharp compared to java, so they cut sharply, which leaves a painful wound. Mostly they bite as a pup when you change their habitat. They are wolf-like dogs and challenging to keep as a pet.

Akitas- AnimalsGenera

The Staffordshire Terrier

One of the most dangerous and uncomfortable breeds to keep at home. This breed is famous for keeping at farms to hit other animals for the safety of farm animals. They are also kept for safety on farms to avoid any loss. They need a lot of exercise, training, and tricks to remain healthy, happy, and active. Also, they bite when they feel bored, scared, confused, and uncomfortable. First, they get close to the owner, and if they do not receive the same response as they want, they bite their owner. These dogs demand Respect, care, and love to be calm and sophisticated.

The Staffordshire Terrier- Animalsgenera
The Staffordshire Terrier

The Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a loving and affectionate dog, and they are good to keep as a watchdog. They are louder in barking as they can make enough fear or show enough anger just by barking. They go beyond for their owner and family’s safety so that if there is a need, they bite. Their jaws are strong, and they also have a strong biting force so cause and deep wound as they hold the prey tightly. But overall, these are decent, obedient, and well-behaved dogs, so no need to worry if you adopt them as a pet.

The Rottweiler- Animalsgenera
The Rottweiler

The German Shepherd

One of the mighty and most muscular dog breeds that are a loyal and good companion. These are lovely companions to play with and enjoy. They are highly energetic and don’t love to bite or attack as they have passive nature. But they can attack or bite if they feel any danger of attack. By proper training, they can be stopped. Otherwise, they can chew in response to aggression and irritation. So they need adequate training and human company to remain calm. They have strong jaws, and their bite is deep and causes an acute wound.

The German Shepherd- Animalsgenera
A selective focus shot of an german shepherd outdoors during daylight

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The Boxer

They are loyal and playful. One of the most beautiful and ambitious breeds. As they love to play and they are also to protect. In terms of protection, they can cause bite and harm to the owners. They are honest in their duties, so they guard so well and never think twice before biting. They also lose consciousness during play, so there is also a chance of biting during games unintentionally. Either they bite with intention or unintentionally cause severe injury and leave a deep wound that needs to get a checkup from a physician.

The Boxer dog
A boxer dog standing in a park

The Chihuahua

These are small dogs but famous for biting as they have another name that is called ankle-biters. They bite more than pit bulls but not as harmful as pit bulls bite. But the bite is a bite, and a dog bite also causes a change in the psychology as there are alot of chances of allergies and bacterial infections. They are habitual of biting, so proper training and tricks are needed to make them obedient and make them able to live as a pet.

Chihuahua dog- animalsgenera
A closeup shot of a white chihuahua running on the road


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