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7 Useful Tips: Puppy Bath – Do’s and Don’ts

Puppy bath is not a baby task as it depends on dogs’ mood, habits, and breed. Some dogs love to spend time in the water, such as duck hunting dogs. But some dogs hate to spend time in the water. Those dogs who live in cold areas mostly perform indoor activities they can easily manage without a bath. But the dogs of hot areas need to take water as their bodies release oil that creates smell and irritation.

But there are different theories regarding the bath routine of dogs. Some people say there is no need to give baths to dogs as they are prone to dust and germs. But others say water is suitable for the happy and healthy lifestyle of dogs.

According to earlier, one regular brushing can maintain daily cleanliness and manage the grooming needs. So it is ok not to give a bath for months. If there is a smell in your dog, he has a yeast issue, so it is good to visit a vet rather than ** bathe him. But if your dog loves to spend time in the water, then allow him to spend time in the water or play games.

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For dogs who love water activities, bathing is a must once a week; otherwise, they smell like lake water, and it becomes worse day by day.

With these opinions, now it’s up to you to decide the best for your dog.

If you are doing puppy bath and you are a new owner, then keep in mind there can be some mishaps. Are you laughing after reading this? How can you? I am serious as water can change a dog’s mood, so be ready for a water fight.

Important Tools:

Another thing there must be proper tools for dog bathing such as

  1. Dog towel

2. Dog bathing tub

3. Dog soaps and shampoo

4. Dog scrubber

And many others. All these are available in local stores, Amazon Stores(online), and vet stores as well.

Now come towards the guidelines that you need to follow what to do and what to not. This will save your time and also makes the process of bathing easy.

First, Come Towards the Do’s fpr Puppy Bath

1. Do brushing for the removal of matted spots from the fur. Once your fido is wet, it will be difficult to remove the dust from his or her body, and they become entangled more than cause difficulty in brushing and become apparent on the furs.

2. Do a search for bathing products such as shampoo, cleaner, and others that have natural oil and ingredients in them. Otherwise, they can cause hair and skin problems in dogs. Dogs are prone to skin rashes and baldness issues due to the excessive use of shampoo and conditioner, which are chemical formulas. Do proper research before selecting shampoo for your dog or puppy. Ask or intrigue about the ingredients of shampoo and buy when you are satisfied; otherwise, not.

3. Do brushing to your dog hair right after bath as it will be easy to remove tangles and makes them smooth and silky.

4. It seems odd to brush the wet hair so you can tap a towel on the fur and can soak extra water to make them a little dry.

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5. Do brush the fur, especially for the dogs with long furs. It can be delayed for 10 minutes for dogs who have short hair, but no more than this as it is better to do a combing as soon as possible. Also, focus and note down the length of coats if there is a need to chop off hair, then cut or trim them.

6. Do massage the body of dig while applying shampoo or conditioner; this will give the message to your dog that makes the flow of blood fast for growth of skin and hair and allows you to know any lump or swollen part on the body of the dog. If you find something on their bodies, then consult the vet quickly.

7. Do Oiling, and gentle conditioning with mild conditioners is a good exercise after bathing. During bathing, blood flow is high, and the body is in the condition to absorb more. So conditioning can help in the growth of hair and make them smooth and silky. This should be applied to wet hairs as it will absorb quickly, and dogs cannot lick it from their hair. Conditioner before brushing can ease the process of brushing and help in removing tangles.

For Making The Bathing Experience Wonderful, Follow These Don’ts for Puppy Bath

Cover Eyes

  • Dont splash the water on the whole body without covering the ear canals and the eye area. The ear canal can be covered by placing the cotton Bud in them, and the eye area can be protected by applying some mineral oils. If water is trapped in the ears, it can cause yeast infection that leads to the worst health issues of dogs.


  • Dont apply the soap and shampoo to the head and neck of dogs, and also do remove the soap with direct flushing of water rather than use a piece of cloth to remove the soap from the neck and head.

Leaving Dog Alone:

  • Dont leave your dog alone in a bathing tub. He may jump or play in the water, and taht soapy water can enter into the eyes and ears of dogs that are life-threatening. Also, dogs can spill the soapy water in the whole house and create a mess.

Dont Hurry:

  • Don’t be in such a hurry to take the dog out of the bath. First, make sure that all the soap and shampoo are removed from the fur. If there is a leftover shampoo or conditioner, it can cause patches and irritation on the dog skin, leading to an allergy. So make sure about the removal of shampoo and conditioner. The way to check is to rub your fingers across the body and fur of dogs as you did with your babies; if any froth formation occurs, pour some more water; otherwise, it is ok to bring the dog out of the bathing tub. The conditioner and shampoo, if licked by mistake by dogs then that can cause stomach disorders.


In concluding the topic, if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle with your dog, then follow these Dos and Don’ts for puppy bath. These are enough guidelines to give a proper bath to your dog or pup.


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