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7 Challenges That Helped Me Become a Better Pet Owner

I want to adopt a fido with fluffy hair, a compact face, and a soft body. This is my dream that when I come home after work, there must be someone waiting for me. That is why I worked on tips to become a better pet owner.

I always had goosebumps when I thought about training a dog to become a better owner. I know it’s not an easy task as it requires time. So I searched and found out these best 7 challenges that helped me become a better pet owner. Here is the list and discussion of those 7 challenges that I found really helpful for bringing up a dog.

This also gives me satisfaction that I am doing good and fulfilling my responsibility to see my dog is happy and healthy. Here comes the tips to become a better pet owner.

Never Ever Hit

Hitting can hurt, so one of the biggest challenges is having patience and bearing every cruel trick of your dog. If you hit, it will give an aggressive approach to your dog. So try to be calm and give him a gesture of ignorance on a bad habit. This sends a lesson of dislike from your side. So I cope with this challenge by having patience and cool behavior.

Vaccination and Check-up.

Health is essential for a happy dog. So proper care and check-up are vital things to do. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your dog’s habits and routine. If you feel any change or unusual behavior, then you must visit a vet.

Vaccination is necessary for proper growth as rabies and kennel attacks are common, so their vaccination at a specific time is essential to keep your dog healthy and safe.

Veterinarian doctor holds syringe with needle in front of dog. Pet vaccination concept


One of the easy and time taken challenges is grooming. Your dog will love this when you pamper him. There are so many steps that you can do for your grooming. The very first step is bathing and combing. If your dog has short hair, then comb him daily to remove the dead skin and broken hair. If your fido has long hair, then do a comb once a week to keep his skin healthy and regulate blood circulation.

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Bathing is difficult if you live in an area with extremely cold weather, then try to shower with hot water. It is easy to give a bath in areas with moderate temperature as it can be an outdoor activity in summers.

The next thing is the cutting of claws. If your dog has sharp and long nails, then you and your kids are in danger. So cut the claws once a month. Dogs have hard claws, so it is difficult to cut them.

Brushing teeth is another step of grooming. As some owners thought, it is not necessary, but research shows that dogs with dirty teeth can have more chances of infection of the mouth and throat. So do a brush once a week with a good toothbrush and paste. These accessories required for grooming, such as brush, combing brush, shampoo, conditioner, and fido paste, are readily available to any pet store.

Socialization tips to become a better pet owner

Socialization is one of the complex challenges to overcome if you are a pet owner. As shyness, confidence is the inherited trait of any dog. To change the shy nature and make the dog social is a difficult task but not impossible. One best tip in this regard is when you are out for a walk with your dog, also call your friend that has a dog so it will be helpful to make your dog social. Attend training classes to create confidence in your dog and learn about the boundaries and territories.

Outdoor games help to make a dog social, as a social dog can participate in a pet show and different competitions.


How is your dog’s diet? This one is the biggest challenge for a dog owner, whether you’re new or an expert. Healthy food can keep your dog active and energetic. One of the best foods for dogs is green beans in any form, raw cooked or frozen. If you don’t have enough time, then keep dog biscuits with you. A medium-sized dog biscuit has forty calories, for example, a gravy bone. If your dog is bulky and you want to lose weight, then pureed pumpkin is an excellent addition to a portion of regular food. Pumpkins are fiber and water-rich and have meager calories. This food will keep your dog full but does not increase the weight.

Oils are also suitable for dog health. If you want to keep your dog warm and healthy, then a few tablespoons of any oil such as coconut, fish ( tuna and salmon). Some dogs love frozen foods like yogurt in cubes is incredible energy giving food treats. You can also add blueberries to yogurt for taste and energy. But the main challenge is to maintain the weight of the dog.

pet food animalsgenera
pet food

Exercise and mental stimulation tips to become a better pet owner

One of the time and energy-consuming challenges is the exercise and mental stimulation of your dog. It will suck all your energy as a pet owner, but by seeing a happy and healthy dog, you will feel fresh.

Dogs learn through fun, so there should be a proper arrangement for their exhaustion of energy. It could be anything running, playing, jumping, or fetching. An energy-loaded dog can cause disaster so try to make positive use of its power. This is also a big challenge to make your dog intelligent by allowing him to play with brain-teasing toys such as puzzles. Bright color toys attract the dog; those that are even visible in the grass will motivate your dog to move and play. A lot of interactive toys are available that are enough to keep their muscles and brain active and stimulated.

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Whenever you are out for a walk, take a ball with you and play with him at different time intervals, it will make him attentive and agile. Change your route while walking to improve the sensory stimulation of your dog.

Woman having a walk in park with her pug-dog pet

PET Insurance

This seems to be a tricky thing, but it also helps as when you have an account for your dog or take an insurance policy for your pet, it will give peace of mind. If there is any need for your dog or, unfortunately, you have to face an emergency related to your dog, then no need to worry about money as you have savings. By coping with this challenge, you will be stress-free in terms of money and can take better care of your dog.

So let’s wrap up this article let us know in the comments if you find these helpful tips to become a better pet owner.


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