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15 Pet Care Books To Add To Your Bookshelf in 2021

Many pet owners around us want to keep a pet in their home but do not have time or even take interest in reading pet care books. They only want to keep a pet roaming around and no effort they want to do from their side.

So this is the wrong way of pet parenting. Parenting demands attention, love, and sacrifice. But on the other side, so many people are found who love to do tasks for their pets, they love to spend money, make food for their pets with different ingredients and recipes.

They also want to teach other pet owners who are ignorant. For this purpose, they write books on pet care, food, lifestyle, and many other issues.

How to Teach a dog a High Five?

If you are a pet owner and want to give a good life to your pet but confuse and unaware, this article will help you a lot. As in this article, we will discuss the most influencing 15 pet care books that must be a part of your library. By reading these books, you will be aware enough to raise a happy, healthy, and active pet.

Let’s move towards the books that must be on your bookshelf in 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Running With Your Dog

Bryan Barrera writes this book. It is a complete guide if you want to run your four-legged friend. This book will tell you about all the physical and mental benefits of running. It also covers all safety measures one should take before taking your dog towards running.

The Ultimate Guide To Running With Your Dog -Books


Matthew Van Fleet writes this colorful and extensive book. He wrote a funny aspect of dogs, cats, and other pets. He developed tremendous and interactive scenarios of props with pets to engage the young readers. Toddlers will love to read this book if they are a pet lovers and this book also gives them ideas of different games and activities.

Communi Cat Ion

If you have a special bond and love for cats, then this book is for you. Gray Rich writes it. This book will show you that a cat is the best and favorite animal to keep as a pet. This book will also clear the misconception that dogs are better partners than cats.

The Essential Survival Guide For Cat Owners

Another book that is more about owners of cats than cats. Mona Eklund writes this. It is a guidebook for cat lovers. This book will keep you at the border of what to do and what to not do with a feline friend. This book will depict the life of a cat that is cuddling, loving, sweet, and head string as well.

How to House Train your Adult Dog?

Rottweiler Dog Breed And How-to Training.

This book is specially written for a rottweiler breed dog and written by Mr. Kaylee Allen. This book will reveal the nature of rottweiler as strength, endurance, and protectiveness. These pet care books will tell the owner about the proper training of a rottweiler then he will be a good-keeping dog; otherwise, he can be an unruly beast or a menace.

Dog Food Recipes

Mr. Inica Nichols writes this book that is related to dog food. This book describes the different ways to form a dog’s food according to his or their taste. In this book, the writer emphasizes new and easy-to-make recipes either of veggies and beef.

How To Train Your Betta Fish

This book is related to those who love to keep the betta fish as a pet. KYLO DAVID, the writer of this book, focuses on all the essential points that a betta fish owner needs to know.

Their feeding, swimming, and living style all are discussed in this book. So it is a complete book guide for betta fish lovers.

How To Train Your Betta Fish- Books

Learning From Disease In Pets

Rebecca A criminal wrote a book on the knowledge and the awareness of the disease of dogs and their impact on human health as well. Humans that love to keep the dog as a pet are at an edge to adopt the condition of dogs, so this book is for the awareness of pets disease.

learn from disease in pets – Book

The Pet Detective Mysteries

Kelly Oliver wrote a book in which he opened up about the detective mysteries and the nature of pets, especially dogs. This book will be an excellent guideline for pet owners to understand the nature of pets.

The Pet Detective Mysteries -Books

Dog Daily Care Journal

Ruth Chamber Press wrote a complete guideline for the dog owner, what to feed, how to groom, and play, all are discussed in this book as care is the utmost part of the routine to bring a happy dog.

Dog Daily Care Journal – Books

Lucky Puppy Life

Daniel Wright wrote an excellent and entertaining book on puppy life. The way to adopt the puppy, their daily routine, the feeding routine, and their habits. This book will tell about littering habit development.

Lucky Puppy Life – Books

Routine Health Care For Cats

James Bean, an excellent writer, and a pet lover, wrote a book for pet loves to learn about cats as pets. This book will give the whole routine of the day from morning to evening as to which time of the day what to do with your pet cat.

Routine Health Care For Cats -Books

Dog Grooming Appointment Book 2021

  1. Alex Publishing wrote a book where he emphasises taking the appointments for dog grooming, especially if there is any pet show in 2021.
Dog Grooming Appointment Book 2021 -Books

Working From Home With A Cat

This book is written by Haidi Moreno in which she describes the methods to keep the pet if you are working from home. How to train tour per significantly to move on a keypad in a rhythm. This will be an excellent activity for a pet.

Working From Home With A Cat -Books

Pet Vaccination Record Book

ANI. Care publishing wrote a book in which different methods were explained to record the vaccination details, treatment schedule, and medication time. It will also record what your dog will experience during these treatments.

Pet Vaccination Record Book -Books

Pet Health Record

This book will guide you through recording the health issues with their solution properly or in arrangements.


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