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11 Types Of Budgie Colors, Varieties & Mutations

Nature is beyond the limit, and a nature lover knows the values of colors and creativity. If you are a pet lover, then definitely you are aware of the beauty of budgie colors. The third most common pet in the world is famous due to its beautiful colors and shapes. This mini creature captures the attention of pet lovers.

It is one of the easy pets to keep after cats and dogs. If you are thinking of taking an estimate and counting the colors and mutation of budgie, you are wrong. It is impossible as there are so many shades and hues of budgies produce from the secondary mutation.

Still, there are 32 different types of budgies in the first mutation series with so many different colors. Two basic colors are present as white shades and yellow shades, and all other colors come under this shade of the umbrella. White color is dominant while yellow is recessive; genetically, there are a lot of codes and gene sequencing, but we will discuss how the budgies as pets and will throw light on some features and attributes of this pet.

They love to talk and give a pleasurable company to their owners. So here we are going to discuss the 11 types of budgie colors, varieties & Mutations.

First, we will discuss the dominant mutated budgie that is white budgies.

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White Based Budgies

White Budgie

As the name indicates, they are white in color. If you want to keep a pet that gives you a relaxed, smooth, neat, and clean look, then don’t think twice to adopt a white budgie. There is no coloration in pure white budgies, but sometimes they have a little touch of blue and sky blue around the neck.

White based Budgie AnimalsGenera
White based Budgie

Albino Budgie

One of the interesting mutated forms of white-based budgies is albino budgies with a transparent white color as there is no dominant color. Still, interesting, so many dominating factors are present that can be shown in future mutations.

Violet Budgie

A colorful budgie that will sparkle your house with shining, strong, and dark colors. The violet coloration is a darkening gene that gives the dark blue color. They are also available in blue and green color with a violet gene. As violet is in their gene, they can adapt any color as blue or green according to dominant and recessive features. But looks more attractive in blue color and has some black colors on the feathers in straps and a violet color beak.

Mauve Budgie

One of the most beautiful and light-colored budgies but with dark and dominant genes. These budgies have a grey color with a little blue tint that gives a beautiful color to its body. They also had bright-colored feathers. Cheeks color is dark purple, and the tail is blue that also indicates the presence of dominant genes but recessive in this case. How interesting.

Cobalt Budgie

Cobalt is an interesting shade of blue, lighter than navy blue and darker than sky blue. This budgie is a combination of great colors, such as purple present on the cheeks while the blue color on the feathers of the back.

Grey Budgie

Grey is not a single base color; it comes in light, medium, and dark colors. The shade of this color varies as blue and green. But in this budgie, they lost all blue tints and gained a grey color on the body. Different cheek patches are present as grey, blue, and bluish-grey, and rail feathers are in black color.

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Yellow Based Budgies

Yellow Budgie

For yellow lovers with no other color. As the base color is original yellow without any addition of straps and dots. Otherwise, some yellow budgies are seen in yellow color with little green patches.

Yellow Based Budgies AnimalsGenera
Yellow Based Budgies

Light green Budgie

This is one of the most common and traditional budgies that does not have any dark shade or factor in their genes; that’s why they have a peaceful, fresh, and bright green color. But after checking pedigree, they indicated yellow and blue colors that combine to give this light green color. This indicates that breeding can produce further different types and forms by mutation.

Dark green Budgie

One of the deep, smooth, and single base colors is present in dark green budgies. They have a blue tail and violet cheeks with black and blue stripes on the neck and cheeks.

Grey-green Budgie

The beautiful budgie with straps of black color on necks and dots on cheeks. The base color of the body is just like an olive, but a shade of grey attracts. The tail is back, and little Chubby.

Olive Budgie

When you want to keep a pet of strong color that is dominant, then olive budgie is for you. They have one of the most dominant and dark green colors as two factors are dominant. These budgies have the darkest color in yellow-based colours with purple patches on cheeks and dark blue on the feathers. These purple and blue colors also indicate the presence of dominant factors.


So it is clear now that budgies have a different color and on the basis of color, they have a number of varieties and types. But the most common and trivial type is a green budgie with black and purple straps on the body. There is a difference in the color of cere on male and female budgies. They are easy to keep pets as they are docile and gentle birds. If adopted at a young age, then easy to tame.

You can make little effort to make them the talkative birds. They love to mimic and entertain their owners. Their eating habits are so simple. If you are adopting them in pair, then they will enjoy the company of each other, not your bu they will live happy and healthy. They love to create their music and also enjoy classical music. They also love to spend time watching the mirror as they love themself and can spend hours with their reflection. So, in short, these are the best pet that gives you a company like a baby or behaves as a human companion. So this article will help you decide the budgies according to colors of your own choice and guide you about the budgies’ basic habits.


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