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10 Types Of Saltwater Starfish For Aquarium

Starfish is the star shape echinoderm that belongs to class Asteroidea. These are marine water invertebrates. Their body contains a central disc and five arms. Some types of starfish have more than five arms. They love to live in salt water as they are sensitive to salinity. If the salt concentration in water changes, then they can die. So if you want to keep starfish as a pet in your aquarium, focus on salt concentration in the water.

Starfishes are the iconic marine organism; it is the favourite animal of kids for drawing, so it will be the favourite pet of kids to keep at home. This article will tell you the name of starfish that are most easy to keep in an aquarium.

Luzon Starfish

This type of starfish is found in the western and pacific regions. They prefer to live symbiotically with a comb jelly and frequently shed their arms, which they regenerate again. It is also known as a six-armed star ish and is found in different colours from red to dark brown.

It is common species that live in both reef crests and intertidal zone.

They are detritivores, so they are easy to keep as they can eat algae, microorganisms and tiny vertebrates. Heigh is five inches, so they are easy to keep in medium to large reef tanks.

 Luzon Starfish Animalsgenera
Luzon Starfish Courtesy: https://www.whatsthatfish.com/

Brittle Starfish

It is quite a different starfish from the fellow starfishes in an aquarium. Their name brittle us due to their sensitive, fragile and easily broken limbs. They behave in this scenario just like a lizard tail; as any predator comes, they separate their arm or limb and escape from that place. They are active invertebrates as they can move swiftly on long limbs.

They are detritivorous and easy to keep as a pet because they eat the leftovers easily. They are nocturnal and hide themselves during the daytime. But they can sense the smell of food, so they move in a day when food is around.

Brittle Starfish. Animalsgenera
Brittle Starfish

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Green Brittle Starfish

Ophiarachna incrassata is the scientific name of brittle green Starfish. It lived in rocks and substrates. The central body has a disc and protruding arms from the central disc. The name green is given due to their sparkling green colours. They are fragile and soft; that’s why named brittle. These starfish will feed on invertebrates and all other types of food wastes and leftovers. They are the best for housekeeping as they are easy to feed. They eat all the leftovers of the aquarium, so they help to keep the aquarium clean.

 Green Brittle Starfish Animalsgenera
Green Brittle Starfish Courtesy: https://www.whatsthatfish.com/


Chocolate Chip Starfish

This type of starfish gives the look of chocolate chips on the central disc so does their name. The central disc has colourful protruding buds and arms. It is suitable to keep in the medium aquarium as it is alow mover, so don’t keep them with other predatory starfishes such as triggerfish and puffers.

The chocolate chip starfish demands next-level care as they don’t survive in the dirty aqua or if the nitrate level of the aquarium is high. pH, salinity and oxygen level needs to be managed in an aquarium for the better growth and lifestyle of chocolate chip starfish.

Chocolate Chip Starfish
Chocolate Chip Starfish Coutesy: https://vividaquariums.com/

Double Star Starfish

This type of starfish is unique as it contains a star shape central disc and protruding arms that looked like a double star. These fishes love to live alone, but if you want to keep them in the aquarium, then the aquarium should be large enough.

There is a need to keep the tank stable in every parameter as double star starfish are active, and you love to play with them.

They need a large film or area for feeding as they feed on algae, microorganisms and detritus. They are very sensitive to changes in the water parameters.

 Double Star Starfish
Double Star Starfish Courtesy: https://www.liveaquaria.com/

Blue Linckia Starfish

This is the starfish with a striking blue colour having a very small central disc. It is a solitary starfish but also tolerate other fishes in an aquarium. So one of the best Housekeeping starfish. Easy to manage and keep. This starfish is also sensitive to the aquarium parameters such as pH, oxygen level and nitrate level. These cannot tolerate the cooper based medication and leads to death as they feel suffocated. They feed on bacterial film and sponges so they can take their feed from the aquarium.

Blue Linckia Starfish Courtesy: https://www.liveaquaria.com/

Marble Starfish

This type of Starfish is also called a sea star. They live in a rick as they forage on detritus and microorganisms. In addition, they love to take a small supplement of shrimp and flake food. These are generally considered ti difficult to kee in reef tanks or aquariums. They are inactive and love to be at a place for hours and days. These are omnivores, and the size is 6 inches. 15-gallon water is enough in a tank for marble sea starfish. These are not reefing safe fish.

Marble Starfish
Marble Starfish Courtesy: https://vividaquariums.com/

Basket Starfish

The scientific name of these starfish is Eurayliana. These are also known as shetland argus. These are the fancy brittle star, and they catch their very such as zooplankton by attaching their arms on the rocks. They live in cold-warm water im the southern and western hemispheres. They are active and move by their powerful arms by thrusting water in the backward direction. One of the distinct quality of these starfish is their separate sex.

Basket Starfish
Basket Starfish Courtesy: https://teara.govt.nz/

Sand Sifting Stars

This is a starfish of sand as they move a large amount of sand when they go down and forward, searching for food. They are nocturnal, and they eat small invertebrates such as shrimps, molluscs and bivalves. If keeping in a tank, they not only clean but also gives a colourful splash.

Sand Sifting Stars
Sand Sifting Stars Courtesy: https://vividaquariums.com/

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Fromia Starfish

The other name is a red sea star or red starfish. They exhibit different shades of red. They are difficult to keep as they are sensitive to pH, salinity and oxygen concentration, so special care is required to keep these red starfishes. They are omnivores as they eat algal films, sponges and detritus.

Fromia Starfish Animslagenera
Fromia Starfish


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