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10 Best Cat Breeds For First-time Cat Owners

As it is difficult and hectic to be a new mom or first-time mom in the same way, to be a first-time cat owner is also a difficult and tricky task. There is no experience; all you need to based and rely on is the advice of others and google.

Something fits good and some not. It’s better to choose the easily grown cats than to search and google the tips for the methods and ways to bring up a cat. A Lot of cats are found in the world who are easy to bring up.

As they are friendly and passive as well. They don’t demand your energy, money, and time. This way, you will learn how to carry the best cat breeds, and next time you will feel easy to adopt any cat as experience makes you the pro and confident.

So here we are going to describe the 10 best cat breeds for first-time cat owners that will make your life easy and fulfill your lust for keeping the pet around.

Maine Coon

This is one of the easiest things for a first-time owner as there is no need for extra energy if you teach her. They are loyal and have a habit of following around like a pup. The distinctive feature is similar to a lion and has a high-pitched sound makes it a wonderful combination of sweetness and power.

They have a long fur of three different lengths. They are gentle and giant and have a curious nature that makes them eager learners. also, they have a special paw structure that is large and tufted and helps to walk in the snow, while the large ears make them alert from any prey and predator.

Maine Coon Animalsgenera
Maine Coon


Every cat needs attention and demand, but the other Siamese does not require any grooming tips or care due to its short hair.

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They gave a variety of coat colors. It is easy to keep a cat. Some major features are loving, attention seeker and intelligent, and the melodious voice. Their loud and sweet voice helps to attract the mates. Their deep almond-shaped blue-colored eyes ate the most interesting feature of these cats.

Portrait two lovely Siamese cats with blue eyes and creme fur enjoying their human hug - Siamese Animalsgenera
Portrait two lovely Siamese cats with blue eyes and creme fur enjoying their human hug – Siamese


These cats have another name that is butterfly cats and nude cats. The term is given to them because they Don’t have hair. Their grooming is easy to provide them with a bath and no worries about long hair drying. They are affectionate and playful.

Their look is not so attractive, but their acrobat nature and unexpected sense of humor make them one of the most demanding cats.

Some of the sphynx have short hair but mostly love to find the warn places to live as lap, caves, and blankets. The extra wrinkling on their body creates the expression, and they have extra-wide eyes that send some clear messages to their owner. They are active, energetic, and naughty.

 Sphynx - Animalsgenera
Sphynx – Animalsgenera

American short hair

The short hair and less demanding cats are the best combinations for the new pet owner as they are easy to keep. They love to play with adults but resist little with kids. They are happy and active cats that love to do new activities.

American short hair-Animalsgenera
Cute American shorthair cat kitten In the garden

Exotic shorthair

This cat is easy to keep as they love their family members but are shy to visitors. Easy to maintain as they love to play a cuddle in your lap. They do not demand time. They have a soft voice that makes the owner happy after hearing. The silky hair gives them a teddy bear. Beyond being affectionate and sensible, they know to spend time with family members and provide them with some privacy.

Exotic shorthair-Animalsgenera
Exotic shorthair

Russian blue

One of the sweetest and loyal cats with silky greyish and bluish hue hair and brilliant eyes shine like a diamond. Most of the time, they are quiet and only give a call on a mealtime. They are sensitive and susceptible to human mood and provide cuddles when needed. According to the veterinarian, they are intelligent to think before a person feels about any situation. Maybe this is the reason they are reserved as they believe most of the time before acting. They also sense the threat, and the simple rule of their life is to stay quiet, eat well and sleep well.

Russian blue
a large portrait of a gray cat looking away. Bright yellow eyes. Pets


Ragdoll is a cute and loving cat with long hair that demands daily grooming. These cats love to play with kids as they are affectionate. They also love to be around people.

Their look is well-balanced without any extreme features. They are very gentle and docile, and if you have a busy lifestyle, they are easy to keep and manage. They know well how to welcome an owner and greet him while coming back home. Ragdoll is the best playing buddy kind of cat.

Ragdoll- Animalsgenera

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Norwegian forest cat

If you are looking for a most reserved and large cat, then you are on the spot to adopt the Norwegian forest cat. They have a semi-long hair coat, a triangular head, large almond-shaped eyes, slightly outward pointed front paws, and a large body. They have a distinctive feature: their head moves first, then their feet while moving down the trees. Also, They are affectionate and curious as they search their landscape to find their place. They are independent and move according to their mood.

Norwegian forest cat- Animalsgenera
Norwegian forest cat


If you want to adopt a more like showpiece and have very low energy and a long flowing coat, don’t think twice; Persian is for you. Cat lovers also named the Persian a loving doll. These cat breeds are also the best cat breeds as they are very famous.

They have a mesmerizing round eye, long white furs, long round head, heavy body with short legs. They are demanding and demanding. also, they interact with a melodious voices and expressive eyes. Their round and heavy bodies do not allow them to do high and long jumping.

Persian Animalsgenera


Birman has a non-mating and unique coat. They have a roman shaped nose, round eyes, four white feet, and a round face. You can find him quiet cats with affectionate and loving nature. These are the best cat breeds. They have patience, so families love to adopt them. also, they have a sweet and chirping voice.

Birman Animalsgenera


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